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Other Services

Titan Reblocking posses expertise not only in Reblocking but also in some of the other services like

1. Subfloor repair & Installation
2. Floor replacement
3. Verandah and Decking

All these services are closely related to each other and need extra care to avoid further damage to your home.Titan Reblocking has knowledge and skills to provide professional care and services.

Sub-floor Repair and Installation

Subfloor repair and installation is basically damage beneath the tile, carpet or other flooring of a home. Subfloors are made of a processed wood which is nailed to the joists below. Serious damage of wear will require subfloor repair. Titan Reblocking has skills and man power that can expertly repair major damage of the joists and stop the further damage to your subfloor. At the same time Titan Reblocking has expertise in installation of new flooring. Titan Reblocking will inspect the house and will give you an obligation free quote.

Floor Replacement

Floor replacement may be required if the home was on a ground level causing poor inadequate ventilation, dampness and rot. It may be because of drought and any other natural disaster or the weather conditions. If this is the case the old flooring will need to be removed and replaced. Our experts will develop a plan based on the current condition of the floor, taking in consideration to maintain better floor leveling.

Verndah and Decking

If you are thinking about building a new deck a whole new outdoor living area call or email us now. Free Quotes. We would love to discuss your decking plans with you.